Real rewards for excellence.
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Giving proper respect for those going above and beyond.


Give props when someone has gone above and beyond in service, care, or support. It’s not about hard skills — it’s about being excellent to each other.


Build a collection of praises to help advance your career, find motivation for your work, or just store up some sunshine for a cloudy day.


No tips? No problem! Cash in your Props Points for real rewards to celebrate going the extra mile for someone else.

“The smallest gesture or kind word can change someone’s day. Every interaction has the power to impact.”

Props for Business

Genuine, positive, and specific customer feedback to help business owners recognize employee success and inspire excellence

Team Summary

Get a snapshot of overall strengths

Custom Reports

Dig into individual employee performance

Props Cards

Introduce your patrons to Props and encourage feedback

Striving for excellence in service?

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